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America's Choice Healthplans Introduces

World's First Online Suite of Health Care Tools for Employers to help Employees Live Healthier Lives

With, employees can chat live online with their health plan provider, manage chronic diseases over the Internet, and monitor their health care insurance programs online

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King of Prussia, PA, October, 2, 2000 America's Choice Healthplans, the world's first online benefits administrator, announced today the launch of a new interactive health care resource designed to help employers allow employees to better manage their health over the Internet. ' represents a radical new way for employers to interact with employees--providing them both a highly-efficient way to monitor their health care programs, as well as the means for delivering and receiving a range of health care services directly over the Internet. '' The new online initiative provides employers with the online management tools needed to extract key information that is then used to encourage and educate employees on how to live healthier lives. '''

"The Internet provides a better way to manage care than by simply restricting care," says Clelland Green, president and CEO of America's Choice Healthplans. ' "The inherent interactivity of the Internet provides us a means of allowing employers to become proactive partners in the management of their employees' health--a role that pays dividends to both the corporation and its employees in terms of improved quality of life, as well as the efficient deployment of resources across an organization."

How Works serves as a corporation's virtual health care delivery and monitoring system, which can be accessed directly by employers and employees alike. ' At its core, the new online resource automatically data mines health care information from critical points within the corporation, including employee input, claims data and provider information and then builds an action plan employees can follow to help manage their own health. ''' The site includes a number of key health care delivery mechanisms including:

Online Chronic Disease Management Resources. Millions of Americans suffer from a range of chronic diseases--including asthma, diabetes and

coronary heart disease. ' Many of these diseases can be managed by the individual, thereby improving quality of life while simultaneously reducing the need for emergency care. ' has partnered with the

leading provider of online chronic disease management resources, New Jersey-based Protocol Driven Health, Inc., to provide employees with a range of interactive tools they can use to monitor their own health. '' For instance, through, employees can maintain online health care diaries to track and record drug protocols and regimens, as well as disease episodes, in order to more fully understand the cause and effect of their conditions. '' On-the-fly graphical analysis allows users to quickly monitor their progress and immediately act when medical intervention is required. '

"We believe that the effective management of chronic diseases provides one of the greatest opportunities to control overall health care costs, freeing resources to provide improved health care for an entire organization," says Green.

Live Online Chat Capabilities with Representatives. Through a partnership with !, a leading provider of contact center technologies, allows members to connect with America's Choice Healthplans representatives

online and have conversations in real time, over the Internet. ' The live chat feature, which is accessed by clicking the live help button on the Web site, initiates direct text chat with America's

Choice Healthplans representatives who have access to key information and data to help instruct, guide and answer any questions about benefits directly over the Internet, in real time.

Ongoing online wellness tools and content. ''' Through an alliance with ScreamingMedia, an aggregator and e-distributor of digital content on the Web, allows employees to receive credible medical information that deals specifically with issues affecting their health. ' By logging on to, members and clients will be updated daily with health and healthcare-related news articles ranging from the latest industry developments in employee benefits, health insurance, and pending legislation to articles on consumer health issues, including new treatments, discoveries, and nutrition.

E-Visits. In the near future, will include an e-visit feature that allows employees to chat live with physicians directly from their desktops. '' E-Visits will reduce lost sick days and travel time to and from appointments, as well as allow employees to receive instant answers to general health care questions.

Real-time, online benefits management, administration and reporting provides employees and employers the power to monitor, track, administer and manage their health care programs live over the Internet. ' This resource provides employers the comprehensive, interactive benefits information they need to best manage employee benefits programs, as well as allow their employees to live healthier lives. '

"The Internet opens an entirely new model for how health plan administrators can partner with employers to deliver quality health care through immediate and direct online communications, resources and tools," says Green. '' "Until now, the Internet has been used primarily to reduce the inefficiencies of the process. '' We now have the opportunity to integrate it into the actual delivery of care. ' No other company has done as much to pioneer this model than America's Choice. '' And we're confident that this new approach will deliver true value to employees--eager for better solutions to their health care needs, and employers, who are striving to meet these needs within the current financial landscape of health care."

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