America's Choice Healthplans
Prescription Services
Our prescription card program provides access to all national and regional pharmacies as well as a majority of  "mom and pop" stores. As a result, your employees can have their prescriptions filled at over 50,000 participating pharmacies throughout the U.S. All have a large pharmacy review department with over 30 pharmacists on staff to help establish guidelines for drug interactions and provider fraud.

Provider Networks
Saving money begins with our aggressively discounted PPO networks, which provide competitive discounts of up to 60%-70%. Even hospital costs are lower, thanks to per diem-based contracts at a majority of our participating hospitals. These higher discounts translate to greater cost savings on every claim.

Of course, in order to take advantage of these potential savings, your employees must have access to the providers who offer these discounts. That's why America's Choice contracts with more than 50 national and regional networks across the country, including PHCS. Some have as many as 600,000 providers, offering your employees exceptional choice and assuring that you get the discounts you expect. America's Choice is able to contract with additional PPO networks whenever needed.

Utilization Management
With service centers around the country offering 24 hour availability, our utilization management partners provide key services to reduce your costs and improve quality of care. These include clinical guidelines, large case & disease management, and demand management.

Reinsurers/Stop Loss Carriers
We work with many "A" rated reinsurers who can help protect you against risk from catastrophic and aggregate claims. Our extensive claims management capabilities enable us to offer competitive premiums in this area.