America's Choice Healthplans At the heart of America's Choice is our web site, This comprehensive, innovative site seamlessly integrates all aspects of our business to provide employers, employees, providers and brokers with a powerful tool for managing benefits.

And it doesn't end there. Our web site is evolving based on the latest technologies so that we can continue to offer you smart, leading-edge benefits solutions for your business.

The site offers the array of services and features you'll find at America's Choice (see for yourself). This means that virtually anything you need to do with your benefits plan, you can do online with

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The employer site allows HR staff to perform eligibility transactions, check claims status, run real-time graphical financial and managed care reports, and obtain detailed network information online.

On the member site covered individuals can check claims status, read EOB's, Advance EOB, look up providers to check network status, self-service eligibility transactions, enroll online, and obtain benefits information.

Broker-consultants and brokers can obtain benefits, claims, and eligibility information for any case they have with America's Choice, allowing them to deliver a high level of service to clients.

Healthcare providers can go to our site to check benefits information on a particular patient, Advance EOB, or check the status of a claim they have filed with America's Choice.