America's Choice Healthplans CH's web site expedites the sales process and makes it easier for brokers to manage their clients' accounts after they make a sale. Clients have the ability to limit brokers' ability to access sensitive plan information. The broker site allows brokers to perform the following services:

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Real time Graphical Claims Reports
At renewal time and during the year brokers have all of the information they need to discuss plan performance with their clients and improve their ability to retain clients from year to year.

Eligibility Maintenance
Brokers can review employee eligibility information, and, depending on their level of security access, make eligibility changes to allow them to improve the level of service they offer to clients.

Geographical Network Prospect Tools
In order to help clients find the best network matches, brokers can obtain graphical reports detailing the coverage offered by each network in a specific region, or look up providers to see if they are in a particular network.

Web Site Demonstration
Use a demonstration version of with fabricated claims information to show clients and prospective clients its capabilities and perform training presentations.