America's Choice Healthplans ith other carriers, members have to wait in long phone queue's before obtaining the answer to benefits questions. With, members have instant access to all of their health information, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Furthermore, if members need to talk to us, we're here - on the phone, and on the web via live chat.

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Claims Lookup
This popular area of the Member site provides employees with real-time status of their family's pended and processed claims. A detailed explanation of benefits (EOB) is also provided to answer benefits-related questions.

Provider Lookup
Finding a doctor is easier than ever thanks to our provider search feature. Employees can search our up-to-date databases for a provider by zip code within a certain number of miles, or by name to find a specific doctor or facility. The search is automatically limited to the specific networks available to your employees, so they won't need to know what network they use in order to find a doctor. Because this feature eliminates provider directory printing costs, it saves employers roughly $10 per employee per year.

Benefits Lookup
Employees have access to a brief benefits statement summarizing all of their benefits, in addition to their entire plan booklets. There's no need for employees to know the name of their plan; when they log on to the Member site, they will be automatically directed to their specific benefits information. By directing employees to for benefits information, employers can eliminate costs associated with printing benefits booklets.

Eligibility Maintenance
From this area of the Member site, employees can add or terminate dependents, change their addresses, request additional ID cards and make other changes to their coverage.

New Member Enrollment
New members can enroll themselves and their dependents as well as check on their eligibility for selected coverage, and choose from among multiple tiers of medical, dental, vision, LTD, STD, and life insurance plans. Our Intelligent Enrollment feature guides employees through the enrollment process, minimizing the possibility that they will enroll someone not covered by their plan. An Auto Correct feature ensures that all required fields are complete before the form is submitted to HR.

Open Enrollment
Forget about being swamped with massive amounts of paperwork when open enrollment comes around. You can communicate with your entire workforce in multiple locations right from the America's Choice web site. A page on the Member site explains benefits information and changes in detail, helping you eliminate paperwork, save time and save money.