America's Choice Healthplans ur current clients love our web site because it gives them instant access to the information that often takes weeks to obtain with other carriers. takes the paperwork out of HR, and gives human resources personnel the time they need to focus on the strategic aspects of their jobs. The employer site includes the following functions.

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Graphical Reporting
We put the information you need to monitor and control costs right at your fingertips by providing you with powerful online reporting capabilities. While other companies offer online reports on eligibility, America's Choice is the only company to offer detailed, real-time reports of health care expenses and claims. This includes the ability to analyze claims by diagnosis or procedure, evaluate provider network performance, track aggregate claims and much more.

Eligibility Maintenance
From the Employer site, you can approve, deny or put on hold any new enrollments, dependent additions/deletions or address changes an employee makes to his or her account. You can also make eligibility changes to employee accounts and enroll new employees online as well as run census reports by class, location or division.

Online Billing
Streamline the entire billing process by reviewing your bill online, making any necessary eligibility changes and then calculating the new billing amount based on those changes. Reports detailing your total expenses are available. (Available April 2001).

Online Supplies, Forms & Service
You and your employees can quickly and easily order supplies online. To speed up your order, we'll send your request directly to the person or company responsible for fulfilling it. From this area of the site, you can also download paper forms for employees not yet on the Internet.