America's Choice Healthplans roviders who use know their patient's benefits before they perform any service. This prevents confusion, and speeds the delivery of care for covered employees. Providers on can perform the following functions:

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Patient Benefits Information
On our Provider site, we enable physicians and other medical caregivers to access member eligibility information as well as their schedule of benefits. Information is available around the clock to help assure patients' access to care 24/7.

Real-Time Claims Information
Providers will find it just as easy as your employees to get up-to-date claims information, including pended claims status. As a result, your employees will get fewer bills from their doctors, and you'll get fewer questions from your employees.

Provider Fax Response System
Providers without access to the Internet can obtain claims status information and employee benefits information 24 hours a day and seven days a week through our automated fax response system.