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A Letter from Jim Gitchell at EER

"EER Systems is a software engineering firm with 1049 employees located in thirty states from Maryland to California. We have a white-collar workforce based on our software writing professionals skills supplemented by support personnel in each of our locations.

"The ACH online management of our group medical plan gives us a clarity and control of the plan that we never had before. Just the other day, one of our newly hired young engineers commented how pleased he was with the system. His wife was concerned whether the pediatrician had been paid when she took their 4-year-old son for an office visit. He checked his account online and learned that the pediatrician had been paid. Under our previous plan, that would have meant a call to the HR department that would have generated still more calls and more voice mails.

"The worst story I have heard was that of another employee who had inquired about an office visit. He learned online that the bill had not been paid. Reason: the doctor had not filed a claim.

"If there are any 'bugs' in the online ACH system, with the workforce of this company, it would be a certainty that I would have an email in a second telling me about it."

- Jim Gitchell
Director, Administration
EER Systems Inc.

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