America's Choice Healthplans
Claim Processing Technology
To improve the accuracy of payments, and, in turn, reduce your administrative costs related to resolving claim problems, America's Choice relies on several state-of-the-art claims processing technologies.

These include online repricing, auto-adjudication, electronic claims, and scanned/formatted claims.

Claims editing/fraud detection
By unbundling, recoding and adjusting claims as needed, we can help minimize provider fraud while achieving savings of roughly 4%-7% of your health care costs. In 1999, when the national health cost per employee was $4,412, your potential savings per employee would have averaged $14.70 to $25.75 per month. (Source: Employee Benefit News, Sourcebook 2000).

Online Graphical Reporting
Detailed, real-time reports of health care expenses and claims let you see how your benefits are working, and identify opportunities for change that can improve the bottom line. Only America's Choice offers such in-depth online reporting, including the ability to analyze claims according to service category, evaluate provider network performance, track aggregate claims and more.
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